Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stenciled Burlap Pillows

(Updated March 2013)

For unknown reasons, all my photos from this post disappeared.
I took these photos to show potential customers
what the stenciled pillows in my house look like.

I don't have any numbers besides the "4" and "6,"
but I can hand-cut letters to order.

I'm on the hunt for "5" and "7."

Still love how these look, though.

Update, 2014: I discovered that these shredded quite a bit when I washed them. I had to restitch all the patches. Once they were repaired, they looked great. Not as new as in these pictures, but appropriately worn, the way I think things should look. I gave them to my little sister, since she now has four children. And I, surprise!, have five! And no "5" stencil can be found, more's the pity.


  1. laura,
    i LOVE the pillows. i am so intrigued lately by neutrals that i also used that pallet for our livingroom throw pillows...a burlap coffee sack & cotton feed sack to start with & backings using a thrifted wool tweed soft after its washed.
    and your purses are very how you added vintage pieces and embellished them.
    appreciate your visit ;)

  2. Laura,I love the use of your initial and numbers on your wood couch cushions - personalizes it. Love things with meaning. Most things in my house have meaning as a gift, a reminder of somewhere we've been, a souvenir or is hand-made. It is so cool when everything has a story. Like how your house is decorated in neutral colors and has an vintage look. You are so creative and inspire me to look at things differently. Thanks for being an inspiration!!! Jodee Molitor