Sunday, December 4, 2011

How to Make Giant Paper Flowers

These flowers are made from an antique poetry textbook. 
The rosettes in the center are rolled from vintage patterns.

First, cut petals from the textbook.  I cut them freehand, but you can make a paper pattern to make the petals symmetrical if you like.  I like things a little "off."  
From heavy card stock, cut a circle about 4" in diameter.  I used a little urn for the pattern.  You will need 2 circles for each flower.
Cut a smaller circle in the middle of the card stock circle.  The size of the little circle will determine how many petals you can fit onto the flower.  I didn't want too many petals, since these are package decorations, so I cut the circle quite small.
The base of the petals should be about 2" across.
Fold each petal base into a pleat, as shown.
Fold the pleated base under about an inch, and glue onto the circle, as shown.

When you glue the folded petal onto the circle, hold it in place for several seconds.

 Continue placing petals around the circle, pinching till the glue holds.

Overlap each petal.  When you get to the end, you might want to lift up the first petal to tuck under the last 
petal.  I don't always do this since the center of the flower is covered with the tissue rosettes.
For the rosettes:  Cut a length of old pattern tissue, about 8" wide.  I like to use uncut patterns so the pieces are large.  Roll the length of tissue loosely.  

Twist a 10" length of wire around the center of the tissue.
Repeat to make another rolled and cinched tissue roll. Fold each tissue roll.
Place them closely together, and twist the wire in back to secure the rosette. 

 Place the wire through the center of the flower. To cover the back of the flower,
glue your second card stock circle over the first circle. 

  Stabilize the rosette by dabbing a little glue on the outside of each rosette and pinching onto the nearest petal.  You can make the tissue flowers look more like roses by folding over
the edge of the outer tissue on each one.
My sons are going to be so surprised when they come home from college and find these on their gifts!

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