Sunday, November 25, 2012

Everything Changes

I've been thinking about how quickly things can change.
Sometimes in just a day,
our entire world moves
and nothing is ever the same.
 On Thanksgiving day, at about noon, we went for a walk in the woods.
The wind blew brisk and cold, getting colder as we walked.

 We walked about a mile, a wide loop through the 72 acres that my in-laws are buying.

The trees on this land are tall and most have lost their leaves.
It wasn't the prettiest day.  
But for late November, it was a rare day in the 50's.
We walked nine strong, all seven Murphys and my parents too.
It felt so good to get some exercise before the big meal.

So we went home after a lovely feast.
Giant snowflakes fell as we drove.
We woke up to a whole different world.

My garden flip-flops may be planted here all winter now.
That's okay. 
I enjoy the green promise of future spring.

I didn't finish the planters.
They look quite Charlie Brown.

Those first steps in freshly fallen snow 
make every step an exploration.
The path could lead anywhere.

Here I am with my baby boy.
On Wednesday (my birthday)
it will be exactly one year
since I told my husband I was pregnant.
I was a little nervous.
More than a little.
After six uncertain years, filled with illness and partial employment,
it seemed like our family needed many things.
But I would not have listed
a new baby among those things.
Well, I was wrong.
Malachi is exactly what we needed.
Every morning, I carry him into the kitchen,
kissing his fuzzy little head and saying,
"Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus."
Then I find my husband,
and I kiss the top of his unruly mop,
and I say,
"Thank you for this baby."
So if you are in despair,
or longing for something,
or sick, or tired, or lonely,
do not be afraid to ask God
to give you what you need.
Be prepared for a surprise,
but ask.
Simply ask.

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