Friday, February 22, 2013

The Price of Beauty

No, not that kind of beauty.
Here is my dining room.
It looks like this pretty much all the time now.
My daughter makes things for her etsy shop, and now my husband has joined the fray, starting with holsters.
I had no idea leather was malleable when soaked in water.

A famous decorator says,
"Clean your house, people. It costs nothing."

 I don't care how pretty it is.  A house looks awful when it's a mess.

But on the other hand,
I love my bracelets.
And it took a bit of chaos
to create these uniquely beautiful objects.

(Leather bracelet with bank vault number by Sona Maidin.
Bead bracelet made by me).

1 comment:

  1. My world and welcome to it... I only have jewelry messes, and it's rare that there isn't more than one messy place. At least yours is confined to the take only.
    Tell Julia it looks like she'll have a winner there. And Nate may be forging the perfect product for the days we live in too. Lots of woman in the market now with guns too. Most holsters probably tend to be male specific in design. Capture that female market Nate.