Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Turn-of-the-Century Piano Bar

Last year, my husband Nathan spent about 150 hours creating two piano bars.
If you search "Piano Bar" on Pinterest, you'll see the first one he made.
He loaded them onto a trailer and hauled them through a blizzard
to the south Twin Cities suburb where we tried to sell them.
People at the show went nuts over them and took many photos.
Everything else sold - piano keys, piano strings, piano boards.
But the piano bars themselves remain in our possession.
It's high time I try to promote them.

Even sitting out in a cold pole-barn, this is beautiful.
Here you can see the cubbies where the piano keys used to be.

The inside of the cabinet, with old framed clippings that Nate found inside the piano.

He decorated the back wall of the cabinet with the "Franklin" brass fitting from inside the piano.
It was too beautiful to hide.

He left the pedals, but the decorative board behind them opens up......

to reveal shelves and storage for a wine refrigerator.
(This picture also shows the recessed lights in the top of the cabinet).

I think it's prettiest from the side. The fluting on the pedestals is lovely.

The carving and fluting shows up better on the white piano bar than on the dark.
If I have to keep one of these, I'm not sure which one I'd choose.

When not in use, the top closes to hide everything.
Looks just like a piano.
A quiet piano, dressed up for a party.
If you decide you want one, we were selling them last year for $3200, but now we're lowering the price to $2400.
Nate can deliver within the Twin Cities area if you call him at 612 239 4888.

To see our other piano bar, look here.

(The buyer should be near the Twin Cities area. If you help us sell a piano, we'll pay a finder's fee).

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