Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This World Is Not My Home

We hope and pray
for that glorious day,
our tears will vanish,
wiped away.
On the saints this day already shines,
on the saints this day already shines.

"Think of friends or family members who loved Jesus and reside with him now. Picture them with you, walking together in this place. All of you have powerful bodies, stronger than those of an Olympic decathlete. You are laughing, playing, talking and reminiscing. You reach up to a tree to pick an apple or orange. You take a bite. It's so sweet that it's startling. You've never tasted anything so good.

Now you see someone coming toward you. It's Jesus, with a big smile on his face. You fall to your knees in worship. He pulls you up and embraces you. At last, you're with the person you were made for, in the place you were made to be. Everywhere you go there will be new people and places to enjoy, new things to discover. What's that you smell? A feast. A party's ahead. And you're invited. There's exploration and work to be done - and you can't wait to get started."
(Randy Alcorn, Heaven, p. 18)

I am so thankful for the promise of heaven.

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