Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Field Trip to a Round Barn

Every time we drive by this house, I'm the one rubber-necking to get a better glimpse of it.
I'm not posting a close-up of the house.
Because as it turns out, this house that I thought looked so perfect from the outside,
didn't live up to expectations on the inside.

The barn, though.
The barn, we loved.
It's not in the best shape.

Here's the inside of the barn's ceiling.
Is that right? Barns have ceilings? Whatever, the inside of the roof.
I imagine brave carpenters doing all this work by hand, with no power tools.

This barn has a downstairs.
Or a basement of some sort.

A big part of the roof is damaged.
Maybe that's why Nate and Malachi look so sad.
As we drove away, Nate commented that he wished the owners had put less money into the house and more into saving the barn. 
Once it's gone, no one's ever going to build another round barn there.

We are looking at houses with some acreage, because Nate's folks may need to move near us due to Dad's Parkinson's.
Changes like this are not easy.
We think about options, we wonder what the next year will bring,
and we hope for better days.

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  1. This was an interesting field trip. I never saw or have been in any round-roofed barn and this will definitely an exciting experience for me. Anyhow, it's sad to learn that it didn't live up to the expectations you have in mind. Broken roof and exterior are just some of the damages; I just hope Nate's comment will be heard by the owner and fixed his barn soon. I don't want to think that the beauty of this barn will only go to waste. =Lenore Rushford @