Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Good News, Bad News

 Mom and Malachi and me
This has been a week full of good news,
make-me-cry, wake-up-happy-in-the-night, prayers answered kind of news.
And a week of terrible news,
That also made me cry, and wake up in the night, full of worry.
Life is like that sometimes.

One day this week was so windy and cold that I about froze my fingers off,
wrestling with these sheets on the line.
I was determined to have line-dried sheets.
They took longer to dry than I expected,
but that smell, oh that smell, makes the extra work worthwhile.
Fresh, clean, grassy.

 Caleb passes to Isaac. (University of Minnesota med school! Yes!)
We spent Mother's Day at Peninsula Point Park in Anoka, where the Rum River flows into the Mississippi.
I got to be with all five of my kids.
Here are the guys playing football, while the girls and I hang out with the baby.
It was just about perfect.

 Fast asleep on line-dried sheets
The next day, my husband of 25 years finally shaved off his weird, Founding-Fathers-style mustache.
Our daughters told him that he looked like an angel.
Every morning I get to wake up to this.
A creamy little baby boy,
sleeping soundly (usually between us).
When he stirs in the night, I can sometimes calm him down just by breathing deeply next to his face.
I think, that's how Jesus calms me down.
When I am disturbed, anxious, restless.
I need to listen for Him.
Breathe on me, breath of God.

Nate's folks and the baby and I, with the mighty Mississippi behind us

What's your news?
Is it happy or sad, or like mine this week, an onslaught of both?
"Until we die our lives are on the mend."
(Richard Hugo, poet)



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