Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jess's Nursery, Gray and Green

 (Note the Japanese tape behind the tv, in a chevron pattern, and the simple doily swag above the fireplace).

I have been wanting to blog about mantels, and my friend Jess graciously allowed me to take a few photos of her house. I love her decorating. It's clean, simple, thoughtful, and some of the prettiest things in it are handmade. But I got to her house, and she pointed out that her mantel isn't exactly decorated. She has to keep it plain because of the television. I snapped this pic to show the book pages that she taped around the fireplace. Malachi didn't rip them off, although he thought about it.
 Look at this wall art! Ribbons sewn in a row. Jess says they flutter in the breeze when the window is open.

So we went upstairs and she let me snap photos of her nursery!
(Even though she and her husband are real photographers, and I am not).
Baby W is due any day now.
Here is what I love about this nursery:
No plastic.
No clutter.
Gray walls.
Handmade art.
A subtle polka-dot theme.

Look at this wonderful book corner.
Even the mobile above it is made from a vintage book.

 (To the left you can see a few of the copper polka-dots that sprinkle this wall).

Above, a close-up of the mobile, crafted from a Curious George that Jess has been saving for ages.

Malachi did try to destroy this polka-dot swag on the crib.
If Baby W is a girl, Jess will add accents of pink and orange.
Quilt by Jessica's mom.

I would blog about design more, but this guy keeps me focused on the things that matter.
Like the little person who will soon occupy this beautiful room.
Blessings on you all your days, Baby.
We can't wait to meet you!

Here is a sweet lullaby by one of our favorite artists. (My husband will not go anywhere without the cd, Love and War and the Sea In Between.)

Update: Greta Mae was born on June 20, perfect and beautiful. So I  made her a pink and orange blanket!

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