Saturday, July 20, 2013


 Picking raspberries

 It was a perfect morning for berrying.

 Four boxes for a pie.

I've been to two concerts this year,
which is about right for someone with a baby to think about.
The first one was by Ben Kyle, a local musician.
He decided to have small concerts in the living rooms of friends,
with audiences of fewer than 50 people.
A grand idea.

One of the songs I listen to most from his cd is called "Mercy."
This week I noticed an old note in my Bible, written at the top of Hebrews Chapter 4.
It read, "Mercy: God's tender regard for the misery of man, consequent of sin."

It seems sometimes that misery rules the day.
Sometimes my own misery makes me long for the cloak of mercy.
At other times, the misery of those I love
is so painful to watch,
I beg for mercy,
for God to stop the suffering.

Mercy isn't something to be begged.
God's mercy is His tender regard,
it's upon us all the time.
A covering, 
a cloud,
as present as the air we breathe.

Listen to Ben's song here.

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