Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pumpkin Hunting

Last week we went to a local pumpkin guy to buy our front-porch decorations. I got there two hours before the place opened, but the owner saw us parked out front and kindly let us in. We had time enough to choose our pumpkins (which wasn't easy, I wanted them all), and then we hit the road with our treasures. The sky was greenish-black with storm clouds as we started for home. Then the rain fell, and it was furious. We listened to "Pilot Me" and "Flood Waters" by Josh Garrels (both songs were fitting and helpful) as I white-knuckled it at a terrified crawl. Malachi was calm as could be. It was a reminder to me of how safe I should feel, all the time. All the time, I am in the Presence of the One who loves me. There is nothing to fear.

If only Malachi was wearing overalls in this photo.

"Fairytale" variety

When we got home, the rain was still pelting too hard for me to get the pumpkins out of the trunk. 
I was delighted when the skies cleared and I could decorate my porch.
The flowers had to go, they were sad and straggly, but the vine got to stay.
I swirled it around under the "Cinderella" pumpkins.

Ordinary urns from Wal-Mart,
Julia's boots,
blue "Jarradale" pumpkins on top of the deep-orange Cinderella ones.

The "Fairytale" perches on Malachi's chair.

If you live in the Twin Cities area, here's the address for Exotic Pumpkins:
2632 176th Ave. NW
Andover, MN 

Open noon-6:30 on weekdays
Open 11-6:30 on weekends


  1. When I lived in NY, I did my fall decorating with dead flowers. I thought they looked spooky. Hahahahaha... and yes, somehow I AM your cousin.


    1. You always make me laugh. Yep the dead flowers have to go. All dead flowers, including hydrangeas inside a house, should just go away. And these pumpkins are edible, which is how I justify the cost ($5 each) but I have never cooked them. They freeze and rot in their urns.