Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today the air is fresh.
It smells like fall.

We met our big kids at a lake for a birthday picnic last Sunday.
Here is Caleb, walking towards the lake with Malachi on his shoulders.
The baby is always happy to see his brothers and sister.
I don't know what he thinks happens to them for weeks on end.

Group hug at Long Lake.

Two nights ago, Nate and I had the worst date ever while Julia and Anna Kate babysat Malachi at Northwestern. We dropped the kids off and drove to Dinkytown, where Isaac lives, to help him rescue our truck from the impound lot. He has a new rental house and the parking situation is not good. When I asked him how they found the house, he answered in typical Isaac fashion, "Through dis-luck and hatred." Well.
Back to our bad date.
At his new house, we collected our son and drove to get the truck. The impound lot was kind of far. And once there, Nate and I had to wait about 40 minutes before Isaac was able to procure the truck. He then followed us back to Dinkytown, stopping for gas on the way.
Then I waited in the van while Nate and Isaac loaded the truck with stuff that didn't fit in the new house.
Then Nate and I drove separately back to Northwestern.
We collected our two youngest kids, and drove separately home.
And that was our date.
I got dressed up for nothing. I sat in the van the entire evening.
However, on the bright side, I got to see all of our kids in one day, except for our birthday boy Caleb.

Today is one of our rare perfect days in Minnesota.
Here are some of my favorite things:

The Autumn Joy Sedum in the front garden, darkening to a deep pink. As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, the color will deepen till it's almost burgundy.

The current garden crop, as pretty as sculpture. Here, three squash and a pumpkin share a tray with driftwood from Lake Pepin.
This is a gift for a friend, one who has showered me with generosity. If you have an idea for a gift, assume the Holy Spirit gave you that idea. Give as soon as you are able.

Apples on our tree. We have three apples trees, only two are producing fruit, and only one is producing anything like a real crop. But I am thankful for each little apple. I think these are Haralsons.

One of the best parts of fall is the boots.
I wear vintage boots that my daughter re-purposes.
The ones shown here are available on etsy.

And most of all, on this lovely September day, I am thankful for these two, married 49 years today.
Here is a little story (about them, but featuring our daughter).
When Anna Kate was in first grade, one of her field trips was to the Bell Museum of Natural History.
While the schoolbus drove through the University of Minnesota campus, passing stately buildings, I leaned over and told her, "This is where Gramma and Grampa Tennis met, and fell in love, and got married!"
She gazed at me with big brown eyes.
Long pause.
Then she murmured in amazement, "Gramma and Grampa fell in love?"

Yes. Yes, they did, Anna Kate. 
And I believe, if you asked them, they would tell you that they are still in love today.

(To see Julia's site on etsy, look here.)

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