Sunday, January 26, 2014

Salchipapas (Sunday Supper)

My memories of Lima House, where we stayed on our way out to the jungle and on our way back to the States, are mostly about the food. Every morning, the dining room was set for breakfast and a perfect orange half was placed at each setting.
I remember hard rolls and cold toast. I remember the fresh, cool air (so different from the jungle humidity) and the bougainvillea growing in the garden. I remember telling my best friend Tacy, when we were just four and a half, that I knew the way to the beach. We managed to collect our pails and shovels, and we left the gated House behind us. Eventually our absence was discovered. Our parents found us a few blocks away, sitting in a stranger's car. I got a spanking; Tacy did not.

Of the many suppers we ate at Lima House, the only menu I can recall is Salchipapas. I think even as a child, I was amazed that something so simple could taste so good.

Salchichas are sausages, and papas are potatoes. That's all this is. Fried sausages and potatoes. If you don't like to cook on Sundays (I don't), then this is a good way to keep people happy without working very hard.

This goes faster if you use frozen french fries. However, I like to use real potatoes. I often start with carmelized onions, just to add a bit of flavor and make the dish more healthy. The legit Peruvian recipe is just sausage and potatoes.


Slice your favorite sausages (about one per person) diagonally
If you decide to microwave the potatoes first, do that now. Scrub, pierce,
and microwave whole potatoes till done
Slice potatoes (about two per person) into wedges, set aside

Fry sausages till browned on both sides
Scoot sausages to edge of pan, and place potato wedges in the oil left by the sausages

Fry potatoes on both sides till crispy and brown
Combine sausages and potatoes

Serve with ketchup

I know, I the States, this is called "hash." But "Salchipapas" is much more fun to say. And you can tell people you made a real Peruvian dish. Remember - it's the best food in the world. 


  1. I do something like this with bratwursts, since we've moved to IL. In NY, bratwurst was hard to come by, and Italian sausage just wasn't the same with potatoes.

    1. I use an msg-free chicken sausage from Costco. It's delicious.