Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Five Tips for a Summer Refresh

Welcome to our porch! You're probably coming from Noting Grace's lovely home tour, and I'm glad you're here. We switched up a few things, let me show you around. I have Five Easy Tips for summer refresh decorating, they don't cost much and they're easy to do! I'd never want anyone to spend more than they can afford, or needlessly add clutter. Here's how I make summer as pretty as possible, while staying in budget.

1. Don't go little - go big!
Our old chairs were needed elsewhere, for extra patio seating, so we went hunting for something more comfortable. I hoped to find rockers, and these were at a local home improvement store. The colors are perfect for our porch We could have spent this money on pots, plants, rugs, candles and lanterns. Um nope. I'd rather go simple, and have furniture that we enjoy sitting on.

2. Add a new color, and repeat it a few times.
Julia's fiance, Ben, gave her this red geranium, and although red flowers aren't usually my thing, doesn't it look darling here? Julia is picky about how I take care of it. She doesn't exactly trust me with plants.

A peek of the potted lobelia, the brightest, richest blue flowers. They often fade in the heat of summer, I'm hoping these hold out since they're often shaded. A few flags from Target Dollar Spot fill out the pot and tie in the red and blue.

A flag, a fern, a blue ceiling, wicker rockers, and a rolling meadow to gaze upon.
All you need are the classics.

3. Add green, as much as possible, as cheaply as possible.
 This big fern was only $15 at Costco. All the indoor greens are free from our land. Branches, ferns, blossoms and leaves - they make every space lively and interesting.
We are painting, making, cleaning and planting to get ready for our daughter's July wedding. This old piano panel needed fresh paint, then simple lettering by my younger daughter. We'll probably use it at the wedding, with Ben and Julia's names on it.

The flag flutters in the breeze. Last year we didn't have landscaping or many plants. It's so fun to have these blooming shrubs and perennials. They're thriving so far, although several of the peonies didn't bloom. C'mon, ladies, I'm counting on you for all my giant-flower goals.


4. Add a touch of boho 
{Our living, dining and kitchen areas} 
I restyled the cabinet for summer, using a big frame that my husband made from vintage trim. Also tree roots from Lake Superior, a potted Prayer Plant, and an antique bottle cap press. My favorite elements of boho are the plants (sometimes weird ones), the pottery, the macrame and the fresh white to set everything off. I've added plants, macrame and white, but I'm still on the hunt for vintage pottery. 

And now that I've suggested adding this, that and the other thing - here's my last, most important tip:
5. Take away - don't add!
Most rooms need less stuff, not more. The easiest decorating in the world is to simply take everything off the walls and off the surfaces, and start over. 
Instead of shopping, try cleaning. A clean, plain house is a beautiful sight.
Then add your plants, a few pillows, interesting art and whatever makes your heart sing.
But your heart doesn't need to sing all the songs, all the time.
Just one song, maybe even a single note.

The two fotos above are from
my daughter's room, which she decorated completely by herself.
I like the elements of paper, art, live plants, and vintage treasures.

With Malachi on his fifth birthday, when we put a plastic tablecloth on the table and played with a water blob! Grab each summer, they are so precious.

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  1. Looks great, so refreshing and clean!

  2. Aww I always love your home, Laura. My favorite pic is the one with you and Malachi. What a cutie!

  3. I love it all! Such a pretty and cozy space. I love the color of the wood on your front porch!

  4. I love your writing! "your heart doesn't need to sing all the songs, all the time.
    Just one song, maybe even a single note." I loved that! And I completely agree! I am a maxamilist with a strong desire to simplify and the biggest challenge is restraint when styling! I wanna sing all the songs but it doesn't make my heart happy in the end. Not sure if that makes sense but it's true for me! Loved the whole post Laura!

  5. Laura - this is so lovely! I am swooning over that old piano panel! I need one of those in my life asap!! Great tips to incorporate summer on a budget. Love it girlie!

  6. I love your suggestions!! Your home is always so beautiful. I agree that starting with a clean slate does wonders.

  7. Laura, I love your front porch! It's just dreamy! Your home is so beyond stunning!

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