Saturday, September 10, 2011

Found Treasure: some of my favorite things from Junk Market under Glass, Long Lake, Minnesota, September 2011

A box, a can, some metal and architectural pieces. 

I worked at Gretchen's booth (Mimi-Toria's) at Junk Market under Glass in Long Lake.  The pieces in this picture sold right away.  She uses vintage elements to create wearable art. 

A stenciled pillow from J. Hill designs.

This was my
favorite furniture booth at both of the recent shows.  Histories (Lee and Tracie from Wisconsin) rebuild old farm and industrial objects.  The lamps look like something out of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  They make me happy.

Caractacus Potts strikes again. (lamp by Lee and Tracie Anderson,

A stunning example of junk-turned-art.  These old gears are hauled out of obscurity, polished and mounted, and displayed as sculpture.  (pieces by

My sole purchase at the show.  You could call it my "soul purchase."  I've been looking for this book the last 20 years.  I doubt I can get my college-age sons to sit on the sofa with me and listen to these poems......but now I have the book, so I can borrow some little nieces and nephews.  They will love poetry, they will, they will.

A gift for my friends: a poem for summer's end. (by Robert Louis Stevenson)

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  1. My girls LOVE that poem!

    And I love, "They will love poetry, they will, they will." I'm feeding my kids a steady diet of poetry, and I think it's working! :)