Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Bleeding Heart, about to bloom.

The Inner Voice of Love
by Henri Nouwen
"Work Around Your Abyss"

There is a deep hole in your being, like an abyss.  You will never succeed in filling that hole, because your needs are inexhaustible. You have to work around it so that gradually the abyss closes.

Since the hole is so enormous and your anguish so deep, you will always be tempted to flee from it.  There are two extremes to avoid: being completely absorbed in your pain, and being distracted by so many things that you stay far away from the wound you want to heal.

Pansy seedlings, struggling through the soil.

"All my longings lie open before you, Lord;
my sighing is not hidden from you."  Psalm 38:9

Happy Easter.  May you feel the Presence of the One who sees you.

(Thanks to Emily for sharing this quote with me.)