Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mustangs in the Snow

Yesterday we went to Snake River Farm, Tom and Gail's place north of the Cities.
The land looked lovely, wearing fresh snow and crowned with brilliant blue skies.
Tom told us that his horses are mostly mustangs. He buys them out west, where thousands are penned by the government. His horses are the lucky ones.

Bill the Buffalo with some of the baby buffalo.

Blue on the left, Hawk on the right, between sled rides.

We took a quick turn by the old schoolhouse.
The day was too bright to take good pictures.

Tom had two teams alternating so they wouldn't wear out.

Thank you for the lovely sled ride, gentlemen.

"Most are mustangs.
In this snow, the younger ones play.
they shake their manes, run, and kick up snow just for joy.
Even in this snow, they sense spring."
(Tom Barthel, owner, Snake River Farm)

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