Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Calm and Bright

We have a wood Nativity set on the ledge above the sink. 
Today it was flooded with bright early light.
Nate's parents gave it to us many years ago, when we had three children,
and each figure has a name written on its underside.
The baby Jesus says "Caleb."          

I love looking through this window (even when it's annoyingly in need of a washing).
On sun-drenched winter days, the living room glows warm and beautiful.   

I know that many words have already been written about Advent.
Most of them are better than anything I can write.
Yesterday morning I was up early, thinking about prayer and all the "askings" we throw at the Throne.
I besiege Heaven all the time, and I had a sudden picture of the Father, full of mercy, 
listening to the desperate and aching requests from His Beloved,
and hearing each one.

God With Us.
While we wait for the answers to all of our begging,
for healing, and restoration, for the end of loneliness,
while we long to be happy, and to have our desires met,
He is near.
He is here.

Sometimes we have to get rid of a lot of noise and clutter in order to see Him,
in order to hear Him.
Today I'm trying to be a bit more still, a bit more quiet.
(However, Malachi did not get the memo about stillness and quietness).        

There should be a rule that any hymn by Charles Wesley be sung in its entirety. 
Here is one of the best.
If today is a bad day, and life seems either too boring or too busy or a little of both,
the words to this song are true and timeless.

Listen to "Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus" here.


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  2. Hi Summer! I'll try to link it to a comment on your last post. If that doesn't work, I might need your email.