Friday, January 20, 2012

A Piano, Reborn

 The cabinet that my husband built from a 1916 piano.

Nate gutted the piano, took out the strings, keys, soundboard, and the decorative panel in the front.  He removed the structural members in the back. He then built a box cabinet and fitted out the former key area into compartments.  

The compartments are perfect for silverware and serving pieces.  They are about 2 1/2" high and 14" deep.

The left side of the cabinet has a vintage wire towel rack. This picture also shows the built-in wineglass racks and the lights inside the cupboard.
Nate built a drop-leaf shelf on the right side of the cabinet.
He used a hinge from the top of the original piano.
Under the cabinet, he used the large central decorative panel to create doors for a storage unit.
This part measures about 19" tall, 22" wide, and 13" deep.
To the left, he created an opening for a wine chiller or a small cube frig.
Two mahogany-stained pieces for display and storage: a raised plate rack and a tiered box for wine bottles.

The metal bar (that dampened the strings), removed from the interior 
and suspended along the front.
Can be delivered to 50-mile radius of Elk River, MN area.
612 239 4888 (Nate Murphy)

Price reduced!!
Now $2400 (was $3200)

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  1. Incredible...Amazing...Gorgeous...and oh, so one of a kind! This needs to be posted on Junk Market Style for sure, as it would be featured and you'd get that sale...

  2. Oh my goodness, so clever! I love it! XOL

  3. I inherited an old piano that I want to convert into a bar. That you for inspiring me to add lighting too.